Some people like to tip 20%, others $2.00. Ask family and friends what they tip and you will get many different answers. At CICL we have set a standard for tipping that is to be used. There should be no variation from this standard without first getting approval from a Program Director.

CICL standard tip is 15%

Who gets a 15% tip: (click here for a 15% tip chart)

  • Wait staff at restaurants where we are served
  • Pizza Delivery drivers (even when a delivery fee is added to the bill)
  • Hair Dressers including barbers cutting hair for our male consumers


Q: What if the service was exceptional?

A: We still keep to our standard 15% tip. Feel free to complement the server to the manager or leave a note of thanks along with the tip.


Q: What if the service was poor?

A: We still keep to our standard 15% tip. Each of us has a personal opinion on service standards. Our company standard is 15% regardless of how we feel about the service. In addition it is not acceptable to complain about the service while working for CICL.


How do I calculate a 15% tip?

If you are not great at figuring out percentages don't worry! Here are some ideas:

  • Download a free tip calculating app for your phone
  • Double the tax (in counties where the tax rate is 7.5%)
  • Ask the server to add a 15% tip to the bill

NOTE: Some places add a 18% or higher tip when a group eats together. The higher tip is allowed in this instance.