Fun One


Individuals with developmental disabilities want to access the community for recreation and personal growth without the confines of a group.


Description of service:

Fun One connects individuals with staff to access activities and personal growth opportunities. Without having to work around housemate schedules individuals gain flexibility to attend what they want, when they want.

We accomplish this by posting staff availability. Clients then choose a preferred staff person or someone available for a specific time and day.

While this can be a one-on-one service clients can ask others to go alone at their choosing. Maybe a best friend for a night on the town or maybe that special someone on a date. Flexibility is key.

Fun One is:

  • Flexible staffing for recreation and personal growth opportunities. Perfect for attending ball games, movies, dinner shows, comedy clubs, museums, craft class, lectures and most everything else.


Fun One isn’t:

  • Staffing for in-home services, medical appointments, grocery shopping, ISP meetings or other services provided by a group home or family member.
  • A Non-medical transportation service